Happened at night| Details of the units “housing for all Egyptians”… and a unified ticket for

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Sunday 18 September 2022

Yesterday night, and until the early hours of Sunday morning, witnessed many important events at the local and international levels, the most prominent of which were the following:

“Gradual, not sharp, moves.”.. Economist: No one can predict the value of the pound against the dollar

Dr. Amr Hassanein, an economist and head of the credit rating company Meris, said that expectations around the world are to enter a major inflationary wave, economic stagnation, widespread deflation, and the resort of central banks to raise interest rates to combat inflation, which is issued on a daily basis by the global economy.

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Bills exceeded hundreds of thousands.. Parliamentarian: Where does the government control private hospitals?

Representative Muhammad Abdullah Zain al-Din, a member of the House of Representatives, Secretary of the Future of a Homeland Party in Buhaira, asked the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health and Population about the absence of supervision by the Free Treatment Department over private hospitals at the level of the Republic.

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With a premium of 427 pounds .. Social housing explains the details of housing units for all Egyptians

Engineer Mai Abdel Hamid said: CEO of the Social Housing Fund; The terms of the 16 announcement announced by the Ministry of Housing and which is under President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s initiative “Housing for All Egyptians 3” are unprecedented, for housing units with prices starting from 194 thousand pounds and 207 thousand pounds.

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In numbers.. Agriculture reveals the most importing countries for Egyptian mangoes

Dr. Ahmed Al-Attar, head of the Central Department of Agricultural Quarantine, said that the total agricultural exports during the period from January 1, 2022 to September 14, 2022 amounted to about 4,700,732 tons of agricultural products.

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Two students caught running over a guard while racing cars in New Cairo

The security services observed that two owners’ cars were racing in one of the traffic axes of the First Settlement Police Department in Cairo, and collided with a person and ran away.

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The Communications Division reveals the fact that the price of the iPhone 14 reached 60 thousand pounds in Egypt

Mohamed Talaat, Head of the Communications and Mobile Division at the Chamber of Commerce, revealed the fact that the price of the iPhone 14 reached 60,000 pounds in Egypt.

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The “Secretaries of the National Dialogue” agree on the work list of the sub-committees and the tasks of the rapporteurs and assistant rapporteurs

Today, Saturday, the Board of Trustees of the National Dialogue held its seventh and eighth meetings, at the headquarters of the National Training Academy; To agree on a list of the work procedures of the sub-committees and the tasks of the rapporteurs and assistant rapporteurs.

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Zelensky accuses Russian forces of committing torture in Kharkiv

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused Russia of brutal torture after its forces were defeated in the now liberated Kharkiv region.

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Kamel Al-Wazir: A unified ticket for all mass transportation, coming soon

Lieutenant-General Kamel Al-Wazir, Minister of Transport, noted that there will be a unified ticket for all mass transportation in the near future, noting that there are 25 million Egyptians who take 27 million private car trips within Greater Cairo daily.

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