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He died on the same day.. “Tareq” joined his mother after learning of her death in a

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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Menoufia – Ahmed El-Bahi:

He could not bear the news of his mother’s death and her departure from this world, so that he would enter into a fit of crying and breathe his last after a heart attack. The mother died in it.

Family relatives told “Masrawy” that the mother, “Fatouh Mahrous Hashish,” was eighty years old. She was a housewife who took care of her children after the death of her husband twenty years ago. The Menouf Center reported the news of her death, and the family shared her body after the Asr prayer.

Meanwhile, her youngest son Tariq Muhammad al-Laithi, 41 years old, an employee of the railways, was continuing his arduous journey of treatment in dialysis in a hospital in Marsa Matrouh Governorate. The news of his mother’s death reached him like a thunderbolt. Hours did not pass until the hospital in which he was being treated announced his death, so that he could join his mother. on the same day.

Family relatives confirmed that “Tareq” was always in contact with his mother and lived a bar with her, always visiting her, so he had both the father and the mother, noting that he received a call from a family member informing him of the death and offering him condolences, that he entered into a bout of intense crying and his health deteriorated, and he was injured A heart attack caused his death.

As the people of the village prepare for the funeral of the deceased, as soon as his body arrived from Marsa Matrouh Governorate in the middle of the night, to bury him in the family graves next to his mother.

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