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He ignited the communication sites and made the Egyptians cry.. What is the story of the delivery worker?

With a tearful incident, social networking sites were buzzing with the story of an elderly “Delivery” worker in Alexandria Governorate, who disagreed with a customer because of the stairs, and demanded that the latter be dismissed from his job.

The story of “Uncle Muhammad”, the 65-year-old delivery worker, began when he was delivering an order and discovered that the customer lived on the fourth floor, so he called him and asked him to come down to receive the order because he could not climb the stairs, and the electric elevator in the building is for the residents.

Suffering is rejected

It was only from the client that he refused, and according to the worker, Muhammad Saad, they disagreed with each other before the latter decided to climb the stairs to deliver the request so that its price would not be deducted from his salary, but the client refused to receive the request.

In response to the complaint written by the customer on one of the groups on the social networking site “Facebook”, the restaurant management responded on its page, saying: “Age is just a number… Recently, a trend has spread on a group demanding the expulsion of Muhammad’s uncle and boycotting the restaurant due to a problem with a customer, the subject in short: Muhammad’s uncle He said to the customer, “I wish you would come down and receive the order because I am old and difficult to get to the fourth floor on the stairs.. The customer answered him in a bad manner and said that he has the right to take him to the house, and Uncle Muhammad took the stairs to complete his role in the best way, but the customer refused to receive him or take him from him the order”.

Apology and pride

The restaurant management apologized to the worker, pointing out its pride in him due to his good behavior with all customers throughout his work period.

And the pioneers of social networking sites supported “Uncle Muhammad” with posts that confirmed their pride in him, and after many followers of the restaurant’s page demanded that the elderly worker be transferred to another job appropriate to his age, the restaurant management acquiesced to people’s demands and announced that he would be assigned another task, which is to supervise the delivery workers.

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