He lured her to an abandoned house in agricultural lands.. How to get rid of “Rassam”

08:01 AM

Thursday 15 September 2022

Books – Mahmoud El-Shorbagy:

A husband decided to get rid of his wife, after family disputes erupted between them, which prompted the husband to think of a diabolical way to ensure that he got rid of the victim in Alexandria, and to hide the signs of the crime away from the eyes of the detectives.

In a new episode of “Blood in the Marriage Nest”, which “Masrawy” deals with based on official investigations and various sources, we tell the details of the murder of a wife named “F.M.A.”, at the hands of her accused husband, “M.M. M.”, 52 years old, Painter, residing in Beheira Governorate.

The husband, who had quarrels with his wife, lured the victim to an unknown house on agricultural land, and then killed her mercilessly.

The method of getting rid of the wife was by using a piece of iron, which the husband used to hit the victim on her head until her blood-soaked corpse fell.

The wife took her last breath at once, and the accused husband did not wait long and ran away, to remove any criminal suspicion from him, and so that he could deceive everyone that his wife was absent from the house.

The morning after the incident, one of the neighbors of the abandoned house discovered the woman’s body, and informed the security forces that they had found the body of a woman, in front of a house inside agricultural land in a village in Burj Al Arab. before someone.

Investigations by the Public Prosecution revealed that the accused went earlier to a workshop in Damanhour to prepare a piece of iron with a handle to implement his plan to kill her.

Investigations added that the accused told his wife that he should go to visit one of his relatives in Burj Al Arab, and put the iron tool in a plastic case so that he could kill his wife.

In turn, the prosecution began listening to the victim’s family, and some of them confirmed that there were marital disputes that were disturbing the relationship of the victim with her husband, and that they tried to communicate with her, but without a response, while the husband denied knowledge of his wife’s whereabouts.

Here, the Public Prosecution began to clamp down on the husband, until he confessed to all the details of the crime he had committed with premeditation and instructed about the tool he used in the killing and the necessary legal measures were taken.

After a short period, the accused was referred to the competent criminal court, which examined the case of his trial for the premeditated murder of his wife, and in the last January 5 session, the Alexandria Criminal Court sentenced the husband to death by hanging after receiving the legal opinion of the Egyptian Grand Mufti, accusing him of killing his wife due to marital disputes.

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