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He passed away while driving, colliding with 5 people in Tahta, Sohag

An endowment employee was killed while driving his angel car in Tahta, after he suffered a sudden heart attack, which resulted in the car colliding with 5 people, including two children. The body and the injured were taken to Tahta General Hospital, and the general condition of the injured is stable. Investigation.

The security services of the Sohag Security Directorate had received a report from the Tahta Police Department stating that an angel’s car collided with 5 people in the street in front of Tahta Central Hospital.

On examination, it was found through investigations supervised by the General Director of the Criminal Investigation Department and led by Colonel Ahmed Ezzat, Inspector of the Investigations of Tahta Police Station, that during the command of B. p. 50 years old, his angel car on the street in front of Tahta General Hospital suffered a sudden health crisis, which resulted in his death and his inability to control the car, which led to the collision of the car with both N. n. A 16-year-old girl, and her sister H. n. She is 30 years old and has a suspected fracture of the spine. a . M 50 years old and suffering bruises scattered on the body, and h. M . A, 4 years old, with bruises scattered throughout the body, and C. M . A 5 years old with sporadic bruises on the body.

The body and the injured were transferred to Tahta General Hospital, and the necessary first aid was given to the injured and their general condition is stable. The effects of the accident were raised and traffic was restored on the road. The necessary report was issued and the Public Prosecution office, which undertook the investigation, was notified.

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