He played for the Nile crocodiles .. Who is Ayman El-Ramadi, the new technical director of Aswan?

Aswan Club officially announced the appointment of Ayman El-Ramadi as technical director of the team, to succeed Rabie Yassin. Ayman Al-Ramadi is one of the most prominent Egyptian coaches in the UAE league, and he has had many training experiences for more than twenty years at the level of the UAE league, and he has a successful experience in training the Omani Dhofar for two consecutive years.

Al-Ramadi was crowned the best professional coach several times. During his training career, Al-Ramadi played for several Egyptian clubs, most notably the Arab Contractors, Al-Qanat and Aswan, until he suffered a sudden injury to a cruciate ligament rupture in 1994, and then decided to retire and turn to training after receiving a number of training courses.

Al-Ramadi began his training journey in the junior sector of the Emirati Al-Shaab Club in 1999, during which he achieved many achievements, and was able to ascend with teams for 7 times to the league of lights, to become the most famous Egyptian coach in the Emirati stadiums, where he qualified with the Dubai team 3 times, Al Dhafra, Sharjah, Ittihad Kalba, and Ajman He trained for 5 consecutive seasons.

Here is the most important information about Ramadi:

* He played for Fayoum, Damietta, Aswan, Al-Qanat, and the Arab Contractors clubs

He retired from football in 1991 due to a cruciate ligament injury

* He worked for nearly 15 years in the Emirates and moved between many clubs, most notably Sharjah, the Kalba Union and Ajman

* The Dubai team qualified 3 times to the UAE Pro League, as well as Al Dhafra, Sharjah, Ittihad Kalba, and Ajman

* He continued to train Ajman for 5 consecutive seasons and presented distinguished levels with the team.

* The Dubai team reached the round of 8 in the Emirates Cup for the first time in the club’s history.

* He took over the task of training the UAE Al Dhafra in 2008 and collected 25 points from 15 matches and ensured the team’s survival in the league.

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