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“He practiced vice with her.” The death sentence for two brothers who killed their mother’s lover

07:44 PM

Monday, January 16, 2023

Books – Mahmoud Al-Shorbaji:

Today, Monday, the North Cairo Criminal Court in Abbasiya sentenced two brothers who killed their mother’s lover in Manshiet Nasser to death by hanging, after the Mufti ratified the death sentence.

The ruling was issued under the chairmanship of Counselor Khaled Qaraa, with the membership of Dr. Ashraf Ezz Al-Minshawi and Haitham Fikry Ibrahim, and the secretariat of Ayman Qadi.

The competent investigation authorities had ordered the referral of two accused brothers in Case No. 6194 of 2022 Manshiyet Nasser felonies, registered under No. 846 of 2022 in West Cairo, to criminal trial before the Cairo Criminal Court, accusing them of deliberately killing the victim, their mother’s lover, who is called “A.M.” Premeditation after knowing the existence of an illegal relationship with her.

Investigations into the case revealed that the defendants knew that their mother had an illegal relationship and that she practiced immorality with a person in the Manshiyet Nasser area, so they decided to get rid of him out of revenge.

Investigations revealed that the defendants, “S.M.” and “R.M.”, were determined and determined to get rid of their mother’s lover, and they killed the victim with premeditation, and assaulted him by hitting him on the head, neck, and body with a wooden and iron stick, causing him severe injuries. .

The investigations added that the neighbors tried to deter them and keep them away from the victim, but to no avail until the victim was killed.

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