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“He said I love your wife and ran away with it”.. How did a pharmacist get rid of his younger brother

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Monday 07 November 2022

Books – Mahmoud El-Shorbagy:

Dr. Mohsen spent several years in the State of Kuwait, in order to secure a happy life for himself and his family, and after 3 years the young man in his thirties returned without realizing that an unseen fate awaited him.

In a new episode of “Blood in the Nest of Marriage”, which “Masrawy” deals with from the reality of official investigations and various sources, we tell the details of the murder of a young man, at the hands of his older brother, after a quarrel between them.

The 31-year-old pharmacist did not imagine that he would end up on the gallows after killing his brother and referring his papers to the Mufti in 2017, and then the death of his father and mother out of heartbreak for what happened to the family.

The accused prayed next to the corpse of his younger brother, then placed a kiss on his parents’ forehead. This was the last thing Mohsen did in his home after killing his younger brother following a quarrel between them, when the latter declared his love for his wife, and that he would run away with her if he did not find a solution to that problem.

“I do not know what happened and why did I do this, and the devil’s mite, my wife to my brother, is behind the murder and the destruction of the family… I wish I had not returned from Kuwait.”

“Mohsen” his brother remembers: “I loved my brother and I never thought about killing him. He was a young man and his age did not do anything to upset me, and my parents and my mother died because of my action, and the wife won.. O loss, everything went and the price was the closest to me.”

The doctor did not know – until several days after his imprisonment – that his wife “S.N” was the one who plotted against him by making his younger brother fall in love with her in order to get rid of him and the entire family, hoping for the money he collected along with the inheritance. When “Mohsen” met his wife inside his prison cell, she told him (as he says) that she had hatched a plot to “trap” his younger brother, in order to get rid of him and win the “camel with what he carried”.

The doctor who referred his papers to the Mufti asks: “I don’t know my wife did all of this for him even though I used to give her a general power of attorney and dispose of everything I had,” revealing that she justified her scheming scheme by “not loving him.”

Mohsen remembers that after he killed Ahmed, the wife left the house and reported the incident to the police to get rid of him.

The killer remembers the moment after his brother was killed and arrested, his father fell from shock and died, and his mother followed him a week later, and the wife actually got everything.

The young man in his thirties recalls the time of his studies at the university, and introduces him to the girl who later became his wife, and presented him to her more than once, and rejected her family because of his financial condition, stressing that after his graduation he practiced the profession of pharmacy, collected money, and proposed to the love of his life again, and married her, A year after his association with her, he had the opportunity to travel to Kuwait, but in the end he lost everything.

On September 19, 2017, the court ruled in his presence to refer the defendant’s papers to the Grand Mufti of Egypt to express an opinion on his execution.

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