He was killed and taken to the hospital.. Behind the scenes of the torture of a boy to death by a merchant

12:48 PM

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Books – Muhammad Shaaban:

“Pronounce the saying I wanted the money, where is the money?” A question that the owner of a junkyard repeated several times to his boy worker, hoping to tell him where he hid the money. An excruciating beating link, the employer thought it would give him what he wanted, but fate gave the final word, announcing the death of the owner of the emaciated body.

The day before yesterday, Monday, Brigadier General Amr Al-Borai, head of the investigations department of the October sector, had not caught his breath from solving the mystery of the two murders, the first for a Jordanian beheading and the second for a motorcycle driver, until his phone rang, heralding a new mission and a renewed journey to decipher a murder.

A police station attached to a hospital in the Sixth of October City informed the Emergency Operations Room that it had received the body of a boy with signs of assault in different parts of the body and a criminal suspicion of death.

From inside his vast library in the General Diwan of the Giza Security Directorate, Major General Abdel Aziz Selim, the Director of Investigation, directed him to quickly move to the hospital to find out the circumstances of the communication and decipher it.

The examination, which was supervised by Colonel Ahmed Negm, inspector of the October Gardens Division, showed that the body of a 15-year-old worker, fully clothed, had signs of beatings and torture.

An obvious question, the detectives started asking him to the reception staff at the hospital, “Who did he answer?” To come the answer revealing the first thread. Investigations supervised by Major General Alaa Fathi, Deputy Director of the Giza Investigations, resulted in witnessing the last appearance of the victim, accompanied by the owner of a scrap store, who was working on his side, so that the accusing fingers were heading towards him.

After codifying the procedures and obtaining permission from the Public Prosecution, Lt. Col. Muhammad Daoud, Chief of Investigations of the Third October Police Department, and his assistants Captain Muhammad Ghorab and Captain Fadi Imad were able to arrest the suspect, who confessed to committing the crime after procrastination and failed evasion.

In front of Major General Ahmed Al-Watidi, director of criminal investigations in Giza, the accused recounted the scenes of the incident, “The valley stole my money, I wanted it to taste, so Khartoum hit him so that he could speak,” noting that “when the valley was near, he spoke – Khalas Haqul – his soul came out.”

He instructed the accused about the tool used to hit the victim, and issued the necessary report on the incident. Major General Ismat Harida, Assistant Director of Giza Security for the October Sector, referred him to the Public Prosecution, which ordered his detention pending investigations.

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