Helmy Tolan is leaving Aswan training because of the high monthly salary

Aswan club officials headed by El-Shafi’i Saleh excluded Hilmy Tolan, the former coach of the Enppi team, from the coaches nominated to lead Zahrat Al-Janoub to succeed Rabie Yassin.

Helmy Tolan was excluded; Because of the coach’s monthly salary, Aswan set a financial ceiling for the team’s potential coach’s salary that does not exceed 200,000 pounds per month, in light of the club’s financial capabilities, while Tolan’s last salary was 650,000 pounds per month, a huge amount that the Aswan team cannot afford.

Counselor El-Shafei Saleh, Chairman of the Aswan Club Board of Directors, revealed that the past hours witnessed contact with Osama Nabih, the former Zamalek star and coach, to take over the technical leadership of the team, succeeding Rabie Yassin, who left for poor results after three defeats received by the southern team..

Al-Shafi’i Saleh said, in televised statements to the Ontime Stadium program, broadcast on Ontime Sports: “Osama Nabih agreed with us on all the details and informed us of the choice of his auxiliary apparatus, but we were surprised that he retracted the agreement today and apologized for not taking on the task.”“.

And the President of Aswan added: “Nabih informed us of the selection of Mahmoud Fayez, Ahmed Abdel-Maqsoud and Osama Abdel-Karim in his assistant apparatus, but he apologized due to family circumstances, as he informed us.”“.

Saleh concluded his statements by saying: “So far, we have not reached an agreement with any coach, and we are trying to contract with a coach who has experience in the league so that we do not repeat the mistakes of the past.“.

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