Her bold scenes and Suzanne Mubarak banned her series and Umm Karim Abdelaziz

11:05 p.m

Friday, January 20, 2023

Books – Hani Saber:

The able artist, Suheir Ramzi, revealed many details in her episode of the “Secret Ink” program about her artistic and personal life, her bold scenes, her parents, the fact that she was rumored to be married to the artist Omar Sharif, and the fact that Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak prevented the show of her series.

We show you the most prominent things that Suheir Ramzy said about the program in the following lines:

– She said that her beginning of the artistic work was through her talent, then her beauty, and then returned to presenting roles in which her talent was the supreme word.

– “I am upset with myself now when I see the hijab that I used to wear, and it was a lot of offerings and many colors, but I am not upset with the criticism.”

– “If time went back to me and bold scenes were shown to me, if now I would reject them, but at the time I used to do them and I was convinced of them, and I was not as bold as now.”

– “The bold scenes that I used to do were in the story of the film and in the context of the subject, and this is what he was doing, and I was not doing anything out of the ordinary.”

– “If I had the ability to delete my work from social media and YouTube, I would not do that. This is history, and I did it and are bound by it.”

– “I like to take the things that are my right and I did not take my father’s inheritance because I did not see him and do not know him, and there are people who are more entitled to this inheritance than me and no one forced me.”

– Suhair said that her mother suggested that she give up the inheritance because they did not need the money.

– “My father does not leave me alone, and I saw him once when I was 13 years old.

– “I wish my sisters would communicate with me and be in love with us, and none of us needs anything from anyone except for the relationship of the family, and we need the relationship of the family, and I hope that they communicate with me, and the world does not start with anything.”

Social media trends are not all good and not all negative, but the concept of trend currently has a lot of bad things.

– “The most trending thing was the Koshari worker, and the most popular trend that made me happy was the series The Killer Who Loved Me with Hani Ramzy.”

– “I don’t have a complex in representing the mothers of stars, but there are people whose mother I can’t be like any star, there is no strong resemblance between me and him.”

– “Agreement, I embody the role of the mother of Karim Abdel Aziz and others, and my children’s countries, and every age has its sweetness, and this is a reality and a truth.”

– “My passport from Omar Sharif is a rumor, and from my childhood he was the boy of my dreams, and he was the dream boy of many girls of my generation, and I wrote a lot at the time that we got married, but he was a friend.”

– “I was a fan of Omar Sharif, and I welcomed him during a visit to my house, he and his guests, and I made a party at home and received him, and rumors spread after that.”

-“I heard that Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak intervened to prevent the series (Habib Al-Rouh) from being shown on Egyptian television, and the series was going to be shown on Channel One and I agreed on that, and I was surprised that the series was not shown on the first day of Ramadan, and I asked the producer of the series, why didn’t he tell me we had orders The series is disturbed, because it spreads the hijab, and you wear the hijab, and the hijab is sweet, and there are people who will imitate you and walk behind you, but I don’t know if this is true or not, and the series stopped and was not broadcast on Channel One.

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