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Here his pure blood was shed.. The report of the inspection of the place of martyrdom of Muhammad Mabrouk reveals surprises

Today, November 17, 2022, marks the ninth anniversary of the assassination of the martyr, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Mabrouk, the National Security officer, while he was passing his car on Najati Street in Nasr City, where 3 terrorists in a car fired several shots at the martyr hero.

The papers of the Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis case revealed many despicable terrorist operations carried out by the Bayt al-Maqdis organization against civilians, army personnel, police and state institutions.

By examining the car No. “BHB 413”, it was found that its windows were shattered, and there were traces of holes in it resulting from the penetration and passage of fast-moving solid objects such as fire projectiles fired from outside the car into its interior.

Traces of blood removed from the car belong to the victim, Muhammad Mabrouk Al-Sayed Khattab.

By conducting the microscopic comparison, it was found that the empty envelopes removed from the scene of the accident were fired by two firearms.

The copper parts found in the car represent the outer shell of a fire projectile.

– The metal piece raised from the car represents the solid core of a special bullet that is used on firearms caliber 7.62 x 39 mm.

The Public Prosecution charged the defendants with committing the crimes of founding and assuming leadership and joining a terrorist group, aiming to disrupt the provisions of the constitution and laws, prevent state institutions from carrying out their work, attacking the rights and freedoms of citizens, harming national unity and social peace, and communicating with a foreign organization represented by Hamas, the military wing of the organization. Brotherhood”, sabotaging state facilities, premeditated and attempted premeditated murder, and obtaining firearms and ammunition.

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