Hisham Selim pays the Hajj expenses to a famous artist..and this is what Shariya did

12:44 PM

Friday 23 September 2022

I wrote – Mona El Mougy:

The artist, Nashwa Mustafa, told a situation she knew about the late star Hisham Selim, as well as the great star Sherihan, and the artist Soraya Ibrahim had a common denominator, through her personal account on the “Facebook” website.

Nashwa wrote, “I thought of something about Hisham Selim, who may not know her much. On a day back from filming, there was a great actress teacher, may God have mercy on her, her name is Soraya Ibrahim – she told me Nashwa does not have an Arab, take me on your way to the nearest place I go down, take a taxi, I told her a taxi how to get you to the door The house, while we were walking, she said to me, “I know the apartment you will take me to, who is Jabhali?”

And she continued, “She told me that she was working with her in the Mohamed Ali Street play, and she would come every day from Tanta to Cairo and come back again because her house was there, and when Sherihan knew, she told her, “See the apartment you love and I will buy it for you, and when she bought it, she was very happy, and when Hisham knew how to bless her.” And he said to her, “You have brushed her, and you have not yet.” She said to him, “I will brush her.” He said to her: “I used to brush you.” She said to him, while joking, “You don’t have to do anything else.” He said to her: “At your command.” My soul said to him, “Pilgrimage.” The next day she met a tourism company speaking in her language, Hisham paid the full cost, and it was fifty thousand pounds. And also, while she was leaving, he gave her the travel expenses and told her, “Pray for me, just like that, a thousand mercy and light.”

It is worth noting that the artist Hisham Selim left our world yesterday, Thursday, September 22, after a struggle with cancer. Zaki, Ashraf Zaki, Ahmed El Sakka, Karim Abdel Aziz, Abeer Sabry, Wafaa Amer, Amr Mahmoud Yassin.

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