Housing: Auctioning shops and a pharmacy in the new city of Rashid

Engineer Ahmed Ibrahim, head of the New Rashid City Development Authority – supervising the West Carrefour area, said that 14 shops and pharmacies with areas ranging from (12 m²: 46 m²) below the distinguished housing buildings with a coastal character in the city, were put up for auction in one day session. Sunday 6/11/2022.

The head of the New Rashid City Authority indicated that this offer is the first of its kind in the city, which is a tourist outlet for the residents of the governorates of Beheira and Kafr El-Sheikh, pointing out that the brochure of conditions and specifications has been made available at the city’s headquarters for those who wish to enter the auction.

In another context, Engineer Muhammad Khalafallah, Head of the May 15 City Development Authority, accompanied by officials of the Authority, inspected the development work and raise the efficiency of the extension’s neighborhoods, especially the main artery of the extension from Mayo University through Social Housing 3 and the entrance to the main extension, as a continuation of the comprehensive development plan for the roads in the fourth district. extension”.

The head of the May 15 City Authority directed the necessity of completing the work with the accuracy and efficiency necessary to serve the city’s residents, in addition to completing the design and linking of the social housing area 3 and the family housing area with the main axis of the 250-acre area “investment axis” and the extension to bring about comprehensive development in the area.

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