How did “a decent life” reach the hamlets and singles in all the governorates of Egypt?

The presidential initiative leads to a decent life through the implementation of thousands of development projects in all parts of Egypt, extending from the main and mother villages to the satellites, including hamlets, manors, or even population centers.

And if the first phase of the initiative successfully achieved its goals and restored hope to millions of Egyptians for a truly decent life, based on the provision of drinking water and sanitation services, paved roads, service building services, utilities, electricity, lining canals and other services that the countryside needs, then the second phase is never less than the first. Where projects have already begun to see the light in all fields, and I reached all of these projects through the volunteers in the initiative who organize mass conferences to meet the aspirations of the people.

For example, in the Sharkia governorate, specifically in the center of Faqous, the old Faqous road to Al-Salihiya finally saw the light, as it was transformed from a “cemetery for cars” into a global road with all the meanings of the word, and this is natural and without beautification at all. adjacent to and crossing the road.

And if the paving and expansion of this road is very important, then completing the connection of facilities and paving the secondary roads is also very important, especially for the Arab Al-Awashra area of ​​​​the village of Akyad Al-Bahariya, the Faqous Center, in addition to completing services and facilities inside Al-Awashra, including the establishment of a health unit .. its land already exists, in addition To discuss the implementation and completion of the rest of the facilities, including sanitation, which is the most important, and the renewal of water lines and lining the drain, along with paving the road adjacent to the drain, expanding it, and removing encroachments on it, all of which are legitimate demands that can be achieved within the initiative and with the support of Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab, Governor of Sharkia.

And by reading the map of decent life projects, it is already able to implement all projects in all areas deprived of them, to fulfill the dreams of Egyptians, as they reach about 60 million citizens, and their costs reach about one trillion pounds.

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