How do you do it?.. Delete all photos, videos and other files on WhatsApp at once

WhatsApp is not just a messaging app but it allows users to share photos, videos, documents and even GIFs and stickers to make communication fun. The description-owned app also rolls out new features from time to time to improve user interface and privacy.

However, all shared media and data of new updates accumulate in storage, clogging up the internal memory of the smartphone.

Full storage makes the device slow and even WhatsApp prompts users to free up space to continue using the app.

To free up space one has to delete app data such as large videos, photos or files saved on your phone that you no longer need.

Here are some of the ways you can manage your WhatsApp media and delete files you no longer want. But first, how is WhatsApp storage displayed?

Later you can delete items to free up internal storage.

To view WhatsApp data:

Open WhatsApp, then Settings, then Storage and data, then Manage storage.

You can see the available phone memory and the amount of space occupied by WhatsApp media.

How to review and delete WhatsApp media

After viewing storage, you can review media and free up storage space by deleting items that are large or have been forwarded several times.

You can also delete media depending on the chat.

To review and delete media:

Under Manage Storage, tap Larger than 5MB or select a specific chat.

You can also sort the media by clicking the Sort by Newest, Oldest, or Largest icon.

Locate and click on single or multiple media and then delete it.

Note that even after you delete media from WhatsApp, it may still be available on your phone storage. So to delete it permanently delete it from gallery as well.

If you delete some files by mistake, you can also recover deleted photos and videos from WhatsApp

How to delete WhatsApp media through search

You can also delete individual media using the new filter search feature.

Open the WhatsApp CHATS tab and tap on Search.

Select the photos, videos, documents, whatever media you want to find and delete.

Click and open the item you want to delete.

Click More, then Delete.

How to set a limit for WhatsApp download quality

WhatsApp also allows users to set limits on the quality of their media uploads. To activate it-

Open WhatsApp settings.

Tap Storage & Data.

Under the available media upload quality options, set Auto, Best quality, or Data saver.

Users can also control media auto-downloading so that unnecessary media is not automatically downloaded over mobile data or Wi-Fi.

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