How do you do it?.. How to add a promotion on LinkedIn

A job promotion is attractive both personally and professionally. Sharing a promotion or new projects you’re working on with your LinkedIn network has its benefits. If you haven’t been able to announce your promotion yet, it’s worth going into your profile and making sure it’s up to date. This can include adding skills , according to Business Insider.

How to add a promotion on LinkedIn

1. Go to the site LinkedIn And log in to your account.

2. Click the icon I in the upper-right corner of the screen and tap View profile.

3. Hover over the function you want to edit and click on the pencil icon; Or if you’re adding a new position, you can click the plus sign at the top of the “Experience” section of your profile.

4. If a job exists, press the Edit button again.

5. Add the new job title and any other changed details.

6. To make sure your communications receive a notification about your promotion, turn on the switch to ‘Share with network’.

7. Click Save.

How to add a promotion on the LinkedIn mobile app

The process is the same whether you use Iphone or Android:

1. Open an app LinkedIn your account and log in to your account, if necessary.

2. Click on your profile picture and select View Profile.

3. Scroll down to the Experience section and tap on the pencil icon.

4. Next to the position you want to adjust, tap the pencil icon again.

5. Make changes to reflect your promotion, and you can toggle the option to share the promotion with your network, if desired.

6. Click Save.

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