How do you do it.. How to change the lock screen background image on iPhone

You can put any picture you want on your iPhone’s lock screen, and if you’ve updated to iOS 16, you can even add some extras, like widgets. .

How to change the lock screen on iPhone

There are several ways to change the lock screen on iPhone, but if you are running iOS 16, the easiest way is to go directly through the lock screen.

While looking at the iPhone lock screen, you can press and hold your finger anywhere, and after a moment, the lock screen will minimize and some new options will appear.

Select Personalize to edit the current lock screen, you can tap the photos icon in the bottom left to change the lock screen picture, swipe left or right to add a filter, and tap the boxes at the top to add widgets.

If you tap on the current time, you can also change the font and color, tap Done in the top right to save your design.

Select the plus sign in the corner to open the Add New Wallpaper window, and this lets you choose from a selection of ready-made lock screens, which include real-time views of the Earth, emoji styles, and color gradients.

You can also choose from your normal photos, just tap Photos or People at the top of the screen.

You can also create a photo shuffle. In Photo Shuffle, you will choose a series of photos that your iPhone will randomly choose to use as a lock screen, and with change from time to time, you can change the photo every day, every hour, or even every time you unlock your iPhone.

If you’re using an iPhone XR or later, some lock screen images can also have depth effects, and this gives your photos a pseudo-3D effect by making the subject of the image block your view of the watch.

Also, once you’ve created multiple lock screens, you can switch between them whenever you want by pressing and holding your finger on the lock screen again, and when the current lock screen is minimized, just swipe to switch to another screen.

How to change the lock screen if you do not have iOS 16

If you’re still using iOS 15 or earlier, you can’t change the lock screen by pressing and holding the current screen, nor can you use the new premade options.

Instead, open the Photos app on iPhone and find the photo you want to put on the lock screen, and it could be a photo you took yourself or saved from another app.

Also, once you open the photo, tap the share icon in the lower left corner, it’s the icon that looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it.

Scroll down and tap Use as wallpaper, your iPhone will show you a preview of what your new lock screen will look like, and when you like how it looks, tap Done at the top right, or Set at the bottom of the screen.

If it asks if you want to make the image your lock screen or home screen, choose the lock screen option.

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