How do you do it?.. How to keep Android screen on longer

The Android phone quickly turns off the screen to preserve battery life and keep the phone running for as long as possible between charges, but if you want the screen to stay on for longer, there is nothing stopping you, as the Android operating system allows you to leave the screen on without stopping for up to 30 days. minutes, according to the “business insider” website.

Steps to keep Android screen on longer

Your phone might have the screen-on period set to 1 or 2 minutes by default, but you can extend this timeout up to 30 minutes.

1. Launch the Settings app.

2. Click on View.

3. Tap on Screen Timeout.

4. Choose the time the screen will stay on, you can select up to 30 minutes.

5. Tap the back button at the top of the screen.

How to keep Android screen on for more than 30 minutes

If you want your phone to stay on for more than 30 minutes, you can install a third-party app that will force it to stay on for as long as you want, there are many apps that can do this, but the free and reliable one is Screen Alive.

You need to give the app permission to change your phone’s system settings after it’s installed, then in the Home tab you can choose Always to keep the screen on until you turn it off manually, or tap the other option and connect for how long you want the phone to stay on Employment.

But keep in mind that if you use an app like this, your phone battery will drain very quickly.

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