How do you do it.. How to remove followers on Twitter and accept new requests

If you’re looking for how to prevent certain users from seeing your tweets without blocking them on a Twitter account, you have the option to remove followers from your account, whether you’re using a desktop computer or phone, and how to adjust privacy settings so you can manually approve new followers, according to him. business insider website

How to remove twitter followers on desktop

1. Log in to your Twitter account.

2. Click on Profile in the left sidebar.

3. Select the number of followers.

4. Locate the follower you want to remove, then tap the three dots to the left of their name.

5. Click Remove This Follower.

How to remove twitter followers on mobile

You cannot remove Twitter followers via the mobile app, but you can do so via the mobile version of the site, using a web browser.

1. Launch your web browser and go to Twitter.

2. Log in to your Twitter account.

3. Click on your profile icon, located in the upper left corner of the screen.

4. Select the number of followers.

5. Find the follower you want to remove and tap on the three dots next to their name.

6. Click Remove This Follower and then select Remove to confirm your choice.

How to adjust your privacy settings to manually approve follow requests

If you want the ability to approve or decline followers in the future, you need to make your Twitter account private.

Steps to approve manually on the desktop

1. Open Twitter, tap More, tap Settings and Support, then Settings and privacy.

2. Choose Privacy and Security.

3. Select the audience and place the tags.

4. Check the box labeled Protect your Tweets.

Manual approval steps on the phone

1. Tap on your profile icon in the top left corner of the screen.

2. Scroll down on the left sidebar, tap Settings and Support and select Settings and privacy.

3. Click Privacy and Security.

4. Choose your audience and tagging.

5. Toggle off the option to protect your tweets.

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