How does Al-Ahly think to strengthen its ranks in the Winter Mercato and the number of targeted deals?

Club officials would like Al-Ahly In making the most of the current winter transfer season, especially since he was unable to adequately strengthen his ranks during the last summer transfer season, he wants to meet the needs of the technical staff led by Marcel. cooler Before closing the current winter Mercato door.

Al-Ahly club officials are studying contracting with 5 or 6 deals during the current winter mercato, between 3 foreign players, two of whom are under age, as well as contracting with 2 or 3 local players, in order to fill the deficit in all the positions that Al-Ahly needs.

Al-Ahly needs to contract with two wings, an outspoken spearhead, a right back, and a central midfielder, “center 8”, and it is possible that a defender will be contracted, but this position is not a priority for the technical staff.

And Al-Ahly succeeded in settling the Tunisian Mohamed Al-Dhawi “Christo” deal, to be the first deal for the red team in the winter Mercato, provided that he was registered under the age, and arrived in Cairo on Monday, while he was close to settling the deal of Khaled Abdel-Fattah, Ayman Smouha’s back, with whom negotiations with his club reached a point. Advanced stages, so that a sum of money is paid in addition to loaning the duo Hossam Hassan and Ziyad Tariq to Al-Ahly.

Al-Ahly agreed to loan Hossam Hassan to Smouha for a period of 6 months, while Ziad Tariq will be loaned for a season and a half.

Al-Ahly is also considering the exit of more than one player for loan, such as Hossam Hassan, Muhammad Mahmoud, Ziyad Tariq, Abdul Rahman Manu, Muhammad Fakhry, Karim Al-Dabis, Abdul Rahman Rashdan, Shadi Radwan, and other distinguished players in the youth sector in the Red Castle.

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