How does it work?.. How to change AirDrop settings on your iPhone or iPad

AirDrop can be a useful tool when you’re trying to transfer photos and videos from one iPhone to another, or from your phone to an iPad, but it’s less useful when you’re on the subway, and you suddenly receive an AirDrop from someone you’ve never seen before, and there are two quick ways to change AirDrop settings Determine who can send things to you, according to business insider.

How to change AirDrop settings

Settings app

The typical way to change your iPhone or iPad’s AirDrop settings is to go through the Settings app.

Open the Settings app and scroll down to tap General, then tap AirDrop.

You’ll then be able to choose who can send you AirDrop files: everyone, contacts only, or no one.

If you choose Contacts Only, only devices registered in your iPhone or iPad contact list can use AirDrop.

And if you choose Contacts Only, your device will never appear when strangers try to AirDrop files.

Control Center

You can also find your AirDrop settings in Control Center, the menu that appears when you swipe down from the top-right corner of your iPhone or iPad.

Open Control Center, then tap and hold the box in the top right that contains the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons.

When the list expands, tap AirDrop and choose whether you want AirDrop to be open to everyone, contacts only, or no one.

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