How to do it.. How to create a secret folder on Windows to store private files

Windows is the most used operating system on the computer and offers a large number of tips and tricks that most of the users are not aware of such as creating an unnamed folder.

Windows folder

Windows users can hide a folder from File Explorer and view that folder and all the files it contains, almost undeletable.

Users will not need anything more than that suite and encryption protocol to hide and secure private files from unauthorized access.

Such a folder has neither an icon nor a name in the form of text, so it can only be seen if the mouse is hovering over it. This folder can be used to store any private documents that you do not want other users, especially children, to see or access.

Here is a step by step guide to help you create a secret folder on your Windows PC:

Create a folder without a name

Right-click on the home screen of your Windows computer to create a new folder.

Select the new option and then click on the folder option from the drop-down list shown.

Once created right click on the folder to rename it.

For the following you will need a full size keyboard (one with a number pad on the right).

Next enter Alt + 0160, which is the Alt code shortcut for a non-breaking space.

A new folder will be created without a name.

Remove folder icon

Right-click on the newly created unnamed folder.

Go to the option from the drop-down list shown.

Click the Customize tab.

Then select the option to change the icon.

Choose one of the four default options available by swiping to the right.

You have a secret and undetectable folder without a name or icon on your Windows PC.

The folder is only visible when it is clicked, is part of a selection window, or is moved around with the mouse.

If you use a folder like this on your desktop, you should put it there in a different location.

This secret folder can contain subfolders.

Tabs in Notepad on Windows 11

Recently, Microsoft inadvertently revealed a feature it is developing for the Notepad app in Windows 11.

The company may add tabs to Notepad, just like tabs in File Explorer in the latest version of the operating system.

Notepad will work in a similar way to how tabs in web browsers allow users to open multiple websites in a single window.

In order to open multiple “txt” files in the same window, users may be able to open tabs that appear along the top of the application (similar to tabs in File Explorer).

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