How to get a proxy for WhatsApp

WhatsApp recently launched a proxy feature for Android, iOS, and desktop devices. The new feature allows users to access the messaging app even if the internet connection in their area is cut off or blocked.

With a proxy connection for WhatsApp, users can easily communicate and stay connected even if the internet is restricted due to government censorship.

If you are also facing internet disturbance in your area, you can try proxy servers to continue using WhatsApp as reported by India Today.

These proxy servers are set up by volunteers and organizations that help people communicate safely and freely.

How to find proxy servers for WhatsApp

If you are facing frequent Internet disruptions, you can find and save multiple proxy server addresses through trusted social media sources or search engines.

Volunteers often create proxy servers and share them online with others.

Notably, you must save multiple proxy server addresses.

As is often the case, many proxy servers get blocked after some time.

So in the event that you are unable to connect to one network, you can go in and connect to a different proxy server.

How to contact a WhatsApp agent on Android

Update or download the latest version of WhatsApp.

Click Use Proxy and enter the address of the proxy you want to connect to.

Click Save.

Once the connection is successful, WhatsApp will show you a check mark.

How to contact a WhatsApp agent on iPhone

Open WhatsApp Settings > Storage & Data > Proxy.

Click on Use Proxy.

Enter the proxy address and click Save to connect.

How to create WhatsApp proxy servers

If you also want to create a proxy server and help people in need, you can set up a proxy using a server with ports 80, 443, or 5222 available and a domain name (or subdomain) that points to the server’s IP address.

Detailed documentation and source code are available on github.

WhatsApp urges users to share these proxy addresses privately with users who are unable to connect directly to the platform.

Notably, using WhatsApp through a proxy connection does not compromise the security and privacy provided by the platform’s proprietary profiles.

Users will be able to establish a secure connection with end-to-end encrypted messages, calls, and video calls.

All data will remain between the users and the person they are communicating with and will not be displayed on WhatsApp, Meta or proxy servers.

However you should keep in mind that using a third party proxy will share your IP address with the proxy provider. WhatsApp does not provide third party agents.

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