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How to get a shop inside subway stations

Shops are located in a large number of stations SubwaySince the marketing department of the Egyptian Company for Metro Management and Operation was activated in 2014, its mission is to exploit all places and sites that are suitable for commercial activities (advertisements and shops), with the spaces available in metro stations..

Since that date, the Marketing Department has succeeded in increasing the income of the metro company from commercial activities, through the presence of commercial outlets with small areas of (1 m2 – 1.5 m2 – 2 m2), and the empty spaces are represented in the metro stations of the three lines.

The right to usufruct a shop in the metro stations of the three lines is contracted through public auctions, where a number of sites and shops are offered in a public auction, to be announced in (the Official Gazette or through the company’s website), and the bidding conditions and specifications brochure is purchased. From the Purchasing and Stores Department at Hammamet Al-Qobba Building.

It is possible to contract for short periods until an auction is announced, and it is available to companies in case they wish to test their activity in metro stations for periods ranging from (1 day – 6 months)..

The papers required for this contract are as follows:

Request a contract specifying the stations – area – duration – and the required activity.

Copy of the national ID card.

A copy of the commercial register and a valid tax card.

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