How to use Invisible Ink on your iPhone

Invisible Ink lets you send “secret” texts to your friends. It works using an iPhone access called Invisible Ink, which is hidden inside the Messages app.

The feature is designed to prevent people from staring over your shoulder to read your iMessages.

It’s available for free as standard with iOS on all iPhone models, according to The Sun.

Every time you send an Invisible Ink message, it will be written on the screen.

This means that anyone who glances at your phone, or scrolls through it, won’t see your messages right away.

The message is hidden for you and the recipient as well.

Only when you tap and hold on the message will it appear.

If someone were to look over your shoulder, they would simply see an empty message.

It’s also a great trick for sending funny surprises to friends.

And if you regularly discuss movies and TV shows in group chats, this is a great way to avoid spoiling the fun for everyone involved.

But it only works in iMessage – so you can’t use the feature on WhatsApp.

How to use Invisible Ink on your iPhone

Go to Messages and then open an iMessage chat with someone.

Write a letter as you normally would.

But instead of clicking submit, hold down the icon with your finger.

This prompts a hidden menu to appear.

You’ll want to select the bottom option: Invisible Ink.

Select that and press submit.

Your message will be hidden from view – until you click on it.

It will fade away requiring another click to display it.

In larger messages you’ll need to hold or tap different pieces of text to unlock them all.

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