HUAWEI AppGallery platform offers unlimited collection of apps more securely and easily

Huawei always develops the phone services it provides to its users in various innovative ways, as well as making available its updates that provide them with all that is new in various easy-to-use services. Huawei App Gallery, The third largest app store in the world”, which includes a full range of the most popular online streaming applications, to make it easier for users to detail their daily lives and enable them to enjoy a unique and enjoyable viewing experience at any time and from anywhere..

It owns an application platform Huawei App Gallery A wide base of users and customers spread all over the Republic, and includes a variety of banking and electronic payment applications; Such as Banque Misr and Bank CIB and the app immediately And many other banks and all the applications of mobile operators such as Anna Vodafone And themy orange And the weAnd themy contacts and various smart transportation applications such as generous And the SWVL And the In Driver And the Didi and delivery apps like TalabatAnd the elmenus and entertainment apps like tik tok And theAnghami And a wide range of special games such as pubg And theGarena Free Fire And theHey Ludo And theMobile Legends And the asphalt 9 And many other games.

Once the user creates a HUAWEI IDHuawei ID He can fully enjoy all the services and benefits offered by the platform and synchronize his personal data, so that he can access it from any Huawei device he uses, through the Huawei cloud service for mobile devices.Huawei Mobile Cloud It also allows you to back up your data to a secure storage space that prevents data loss in the event of a phone loss, as well as easily transferring data to a new device anytime and anywhere. And you can get up to 5GB of cloud storage for free, after which you can buy additional storage of up to 2TB at great prices..

Users can through the use of the browser Huawei Petal Search To download all applications that are not on the platform by searching for them on the browser and downloading them from their official websites in an easy way and simple steps such as applications The WhatsApp And theFacebook And theInstagramUnlike other app stores that only search within their database, Huawei Browser comes Huawei Browser Equipped with a built-in newsfeed, shortcuts to the user’s favorite websites, and supports dark mode feature for ease of use. Huawei Assistant is also available Huawei assistant Which facilitates the search for information and provides instant access to applications and services.

Huawei has not neglected to develop its own map services, which allows the application of petal maps Navigation and Maps, which is one of the best and reliable maps and navigation applications in daily life, as it contains maps of more than 1300 cities around the world, can be used offline, and provides fast-flowing and recorded commercial and transportation information.

Huawei provides video streaming service Huawei videoA premium collection of movies, series, short videos, sports videos, documentaries, as well as Huawei’s music streaming service. Huawei Music, which includes music by the most famous Egyptian artists in various genres and languages. Users can locate their Huawei devices through the app Find the deviceas well as remotely play the ringtone to help find the device or lock and wipe devices to protect user privacy.

It offers Huawei Quick Apps feature “Quick Applications” A new kind of app without pre-installation, in short, apps that you can use right away without having to install it like an app YouTube site. With these quick applications, users of Huawei devices around the world can enjoy smooth interaction and great user interfaces to experience the original application. Provides Huawei Themes feature Huawei Themes Tens of thousands of stylish themes, fonts, icons, lockers and wallpapers to customize the look of your phone as you like. Users can enjoy the advantages of the Huawei Membership Center Huawei Member Center And access to exclusive services and also gives them the opportunity to participate in a wide range of events and activities.

Huawei prioritizes user safety and security measures and always pledges to protect their privacy, ensuring that its customers enjoy more convenience and make them live a safer and easier experience. Users of Huawei devices in Egypt can download all the main applications they need quickly and safely without obstacles, by relying on a set of applications and services that provide an integrated use experience that does not lack anything, as the platform includes all the applications that users need, and offers are launched And exclusive discounts for users of the platform from time to time, which contributes to increasing the volume of interaction and providing the best possible service to users.

Over the past period, Huawei has been keen to cooperate with all local partners and developers, to enrich the platform with all the basic applications needed by any smartphone, and it continues to cooperate with all its local partners in order to provide more applications and services on the application platform. Huawei App Gallery To maintain the confidence of its users at all times, and help them carry out their daily life tasks by enjoying a safe and high-quality browsing experience that guarantees them complete protection and privacy.

This diverse and unique set of applications comes along with Huawei’s keenness to provide full technical support to all users of the platform Huawei App Galleryby providing a means of direct communication with the support team from within the platform, in addition to the hotline number that can be contacted to inquire about any information, in addition to the possibility of direct communication through chat applications..

It is worth noting that the application platform Huawei App Gallery Since its launch in 2018, it has registered more than 580 million monthly active users in more than 170 countries, and nearly 432 billion app downloads and distributions, demonstrating its growing impact on developers and mobile users worldwide. On the local level, Huawei continues to cooperate with many partners to launch their applications on the application platform Huawei App Gallery Such as smart transportation and food delivery applications, many banking applications, e-wallets and innovative electronic payments.

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