“I am not generous, I am generous.” Steve Jobs’ daughter mocks “iPhone 14” via Twitter

The daughter of Steve Jobs, the legendary founder of Apple, has joined the ranks of people mocking Apple over the new iPhone. Because of the slow rate of innovation in smartphones, most new devices are an evolution rather than a revolution.

Critics often point to the similarities between one generation and another, including Eve Jobs, Steve Jobs’ youngest daughter, who shared a “meme” mocking the new iPhone 14 as nearly identical to last year’s iPhone 13.

And she’s not entirely wrong, as the iPhone 14, which Apple announced on Wednesday, features the same ergonomics, screen size, refresh rate, storage, and camera units as the iPhone 13.

Also, for the first time the new iPhone comes with exactly the same processor as the previous version, and not only did Eve Jobs react to the similarities between the phones, a lot of other Twitter users were happy to join the group.

So, what’s quite different from the iPhone 14, well, the front camera now has autofocus, the battery life is improved by an hour and it’s a little lighter, the real change is the miniature model has been dumped in favor of a 6.7-inch version.

Apple has also added safety features in the form of satellite connectivity and fault detection that alert emergency services if you get into a car accident. However, these new additions are unlikely to convince Eve Jobs to buy one.

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