I cut a lot from the saka, and I used to make them stay at home

The fiery statements made by the Egyptian artist did not stop in the name of Samra To his colleagues in his recent media appearance, where he talked about his colleague Ahmed El-Sakka, after he spoke before him about the artist Nelly Karim and her participation with him in the series “That”.

Basem Samra answered a question regarding his death in a number of films he presented, most notably the movie “Al Jazeera” to confirm that what happened in this movie was intentional, especially since it was known to them that there was a second part of the movie, which prompted him to confirm that in If he participated in the second part of the film, he would have forced them to sit in their homes, because he is the bravest among the participants.

Ahmed El Sakka

When the journalist Amr Al-Leithi asked him if he was more intelligent than Al-Saqqa, he replied, “Bakter, of course.. I am in Hatta and he is in Hatta.” Then he moved on to talk about what happened in the movie “Ibrahim Al-Abyad” in which he participated with Al-Sakka, where he confirmed that they cut his role. .

This was explained by the fact that his presence in the film would have caused anxiety, especially as he presented a very dangerous scene and was jumping from the seventh floor.

He also indicated that they omitted the role of Ahmed Rizk, as he was surprised on the opening day and “did not find himself in the film.” He considered that Al-Sakka was the one behind the matter, indicating that he had already gone to ask him, but Al-Saqa assured him that he was not the director of the film and was not responsible for what happened.

Bassem Samra was asked to submit a letter to his colleague Ahmed El-Sakka, and he laughed, “Greetings, how beautiful you are, my love,” to emphasize that he is not sad, as they are the ones who lost his presence and not the other way around.

Samra revealed that he went to ask the director of the movie “Ibrahim Al-Abyad” about what happened, and the director Marwan Hamed’s response to him was “the graphic is perfect”, which caused his scene to be deleted from the movie.

A talk in the name of Samra prompted the director and author Mohamed Diab to comment, especially since he is the author of the movie “Al Jazeera,” so Diab chose to respond through his account on “Facebook”, to confirm that Ahmed El-Sakka did not interfere in the script at all, especially since the film’s director, Sherif Arafa, has no stars. They impose their opinion on the work.

Diab clarified that the “Hassan” character, which he presented as Samra in the movie, is a real character and died in reality, so he chose to make her die in the work events, and Diab revealed that he agreed with Bassem Samra that he is talented, successful and deserves a greater position.

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