“I do not want you again” .. Al-Ahly sends a fiery message to the club’s son after the decision to abandon the team and inflicted a fine

At the present time, Pyramids club officials are seeking to contract with one of the Al-Ahly club players during the summer transfers, which is taking place at the present time, which is the player Salah Mohsen, and many news confirmed that he will leave Al-Ahly club in the new season, but there is a difference on the way As the player does not want to enter into any exchange deals in the next season, it remains for him to choose.

Pyramids proposes to include Al-Ahly player

As Pyramids officials who contacted the player announced that he wants to join the ranks of the heavenly team for the new season, but there is one condition, which is his dispensation from the Al-Ahly club and he will leave the team, and thus the player Salah Mohsen will move to the Pyramids club and request a little time until his position is terminated With Al-Ahly Club during the coming period.

The former player and captain of the Egyptian national team, Ahmed Hassan, announced that the coach of the Zamalek club team wants to sign the Alexandrian midfielder Marwan Attia, despite the Zamalek club contracting with the player Nabil Dunga, but he also wants to sign the player Marwan because of his capabilities and abilities to play. Significantly.

And he wrote this matter through an account on the social networking sites Twitter, that he preferred to sign Marwan Attia, a player for the Alexandrian team, after the Zamalek club included the player Dunga because of the skills of this player, as Zamalek is preparing for the 64th round of the African Champions League competitions. during the coming period.

Al-Ahly club fined the player Salah Mohsen an amount of 200,000 pounds after he negotiated with Pyramids and Zamalek in the past few days, and Salah Mohsen’s name is on the waiting list for the red genie.

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