I haven’t drank water in 17 years

In a strange statement, she said Egyptian actress Samah Anwarshe does not drink water because it contains color and odor.

And she added, during her meeting with the program “Kalam El Nas” on the “mbc Egypt” screen: “When I take water, my body gets annoyed and my stomach hurts.”

weird diet

She also indicated that her diet may be objected to by many doctors, revealing that she has not drunk water for 17 years.

And she added that it is not necessary to drink water directly, pointing out, “I eat water a lot. This is through fruits, vegetables, soft drinks, Nescafe and coffee. My body takes the amount it needs through it.”

Samir Sabri’s rumor

As for the rumor that affected her and her son after the death of artist Samir Sabry, she said: “I do not want to talk about anything related to her personal life.”

She explained, “I feel that speaking in my personal life is a shame and a lack of value, because I heard this talk at home, and I feel that knowledge does not work and ignorance does not harm. Will this information benefit you in your life or will it benefit you in a need? I do not want to respond because this is a need that belongs to me, and a shame.” Oh, if someone asks someone about a personal need.”

Samir Sabry and Samah Anwar (Al Arabiya.net)

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian make-up artist, Mohamed Ashoub, had said that the late Samir Sabry had a second son, who had given birth to a well-known Egyptian artist, which sparked controversy at the time and opened the door to speculation about the artist’s identity.

love story

Some have recalled the love story that united the late with his colleague Samah Anwar, that artist who appeared years ago to announce the existence of a son for her, so that some rely on this story and try to link between an unfinished marriage that almost brought together Samir Sabri with Samah Anwar, and the presence of a son for her.

But the matter was answered by Samah Anwar years ago, through a television interview in which she appeared with the Egyptian journalist Amr El-Leithi, who asked her about her son.

Samah Anwar replied that she had married once, and the husband is the father of her son “Adham” and his name is “Atef Fawzy”, and there was a love story that united them, but he died when her son was two years old.

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