“I helped her on stage and hit her.” Lucy assaulted a young artist

The artistic house of the theater in Egypt is experiencing a major crisis, due to the “grandchild” show starring Lucy, Tamer Farag and Abed Anani, but it recently stopped showing.

Because of the problem that erupted between the play’s staff and Lucy, the heroine of the show, as the latter filed a complaint with the Minister of Culture against the band’s members, which was answered by a collective complaint against Lucy.

hit on stage

Therefore, the show stopped until the complaints submitted were decided, but the major crisis that was triggered was what was mentioned by the young artist, Nada Afifi, who confirmed that Lucy had hit her on the stage during the presentation of the show.

Nada Afifi revealed, in a post on her Facebook account, that there are major matters that they did not talk about out of respect for the show and its reputation, but she will not be ashamed to talk about what the artist, Lucy, has done against her.

Grandson play

Grandson play

She indicated that Lucy hit her and insulted her in front of the audience, after which she left the stage, but the young artist respected the audience present and decided to complete the show, and after the end she entered into a fit of collapse because of what happened.

She also made it clear that the Egyptian artist, Ehab Fahmy, the director of the National Theater, announced his solidarity with her, and assured her that he would support her until she gets her right after what happened with her, but until now she is waiting for what will happen.

The reasons are unknown!

The reasons that prompted Lucy to attack the young artist remained vague, until revealed by the Egyptian artist, Tamer Farag, who participated in the show, as he republished his colleague’s speech and confirmed his solidarity and standing beside her.

When one of his followers asked him about the reason, Tamer Farag replied, “Lucy forgot the dialogue, so the girl followed her as we normally do.. They beat her and told her not to interfere with my words.”

It seems that the crisis will get hotter during the coming days, in light of the division that occurred between the heroine of the show and the rest of the team, which makes the fate of the play unknown until this moment.

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