I planted hair in my eyebrows and did plastic surgery in my nostrils.. Sarah Nakhleh defends

12:19 PM

Sunday 30 October 2022

Cairo – Masrawy:

The actress, Sarah Nakhleh, defended the Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe, after mocking her last appearance, and the spread of a picture of her in which she appeared with changing features.

Sarah wrote through her personal account on “Facebook”: “It is known about me that I love beauty and I love to see myself sweet even if at home and I love sweet girls. I lied about anything I did, because I have confidence in myself and do not have to lie at all.”

And she continued, “Maybe I was the first one who did my nose and came out and spoke friendly from 12 years ago, and one day I did a hair transplant in my eyebrows and paralyzed the disgusting tattoo. I came out and spoke and photographed the whole process, and despite all this, I did not see 10% of Haifa’s beauty, Haifa’s elegance, taste of paper, digestion, sweet soul and wit. Haifa, nor I, nor anyone else who is slandering her. If I reach 10% of her beauty, I will remain rigid and frozen, what does not happen, O Safra from you, why are you? Who are you?, This is the icon of the diva, this is open to her alone, and there is no one who was hired to approach her in the first place. “

And she continued her attack on the cynics of Haifa: “Oh, Safra, who destroyed your joy after a year of marriage, does not interfere with you at all. Haifa and Asala once.. Who are you originally from next to these stars.. If you have money, I swear to God, you will install a new head and a new body.

And she concluded, “Oh, by the way, these pictures are not real and Haifa. The truth is much more beautiful than the pictures… I wish you know what lighting, photography and specific angles mean before you work in it as analysts and beauty experts.”

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