I refuse to participate in the Ramadan drama race

She sparked widespread controversy after announcing her retirement for nearly 20 years, and her artistic balance exceeded 100 works between drama and cinema, then she returned to the screen and disappeared again for 5 years from the small screen to return to it again at the beginning of 2022 with the series “The Killer Who Loved Me”, and in At the end of last year, she announced a new work starring her, in addition to many other works that are still in the process of discussion and negotiation, through which she presents different personalities that she has not presented before. It is the great star Suhair Ramzi, who confirmed in her interview with Al Arabiya.net that her new series “Umm Al-Banat” will not be shown in the coming Ramadan, as was rumored, because it needs a lot of work and effort to appear properly for it and its audience.

At the beginning of 2022, I returned to TV dramas after an absence

The series “The Killer Who Loved Me” was one of the interesting works for me, although the framework of the series is not new, but the idea and the role for me are new, and the character and the series received a great response and interaction with the audience, and I promised that work after the absence of many years during which I moved away from acting, I also had the pleasure of working with Hani Ramzi, his blood is very light and funny.

After you presented the series Qasr al-Asheq in 2017, you moved away from the scene for years

I do not like repetition in the characters and roles that I present, and during that period since I presented the series “Palace of Lovers”, and in fact all the roles that were offered to me until I presented the series “The Killer Who Loved Me” were repetitive and there was nothing new in them, and therefore I decided to wait until I was offered a job It is special, and it is my role in the series “The Killer Who Loved Me.” I did not hesitate to accept it, and decided to enter the hearts of the audience through comedy.

    Suheir Ramzi

Suheir Ramzi

And what about retirement?

I did not retire during that period, but rather, as I said, I was looking for something different, and the truth is that I have retired for more than 20 years, and there is nothing that can be said about it being impossible. To know what is in the unseen, just as rumors about my retirement no longer bother me at all.

Did you return to art through TV drama and not through cinema?

TV drama is what suits me now because of its topics and the stories and social issues it presents, as well as the platforms that opened the way for television drama. As for cinema, I rarely find work that suits me or excites me to participate in it, just as drama has outperformed cinema in recent times in my opinion, and I currently feel sad on Egyptian cinema.

Have you recently started filming a new series called “Umm Al-Banat”?

Indeed, I was excited to work because of the difference in the personality that I will present through it, as I always love new and different roles that I have not played before, and through the events of “Mother of Girls” I appear as “Teacher Lail”, the widow and the struggling lady who owns a bean restaurant in a popular neighborhood, as well She is the mother of 5 girls, namely: Hajar Al-Sharnoubi, Sarah Salama, Menna Arafa, Diana Hisham and Celine Abdel Aziz, and we gathered many situations during the events, through stories and human attitudes confirming that the Egyptian woman is able to do anything for the future of her children.

What motivated you to participate in this work?

The quality of the work, as the audience misses the quality of family dramas away from the topics of crimes and murder that were recently shown on the screen. The message of the work is that the audience care about their children and be close friends with them, and the cooperation with director Abdel Aziz Hashad brought me back to the old time of cinema and drama, and encouraged me to go through this experience new.

A previous picture of the able actress

A previous picture of the able actress

What drew you to the character of “Master Lil” and how were you prepared for it?

What attracted me to her is that she is a real Egyptian mother who enjoys all the characteristics of the courageous and struggling Egyptian woman, and what her heart holds of good for her family and everyone around her, and what she is going through in terms of difficult life conditions, problems and crises, and how she tries to overcome them. The story is beautiful and it is a popular social drama that represents the simple Egyptian street, written by the author Ahmed Sobhi, and I was excited to work because of my confidence in his director Abdel Aziz Hashad and the participation of stars I love from different generations.

Did you reject the job offer in Ramadan, despite its status on the Ramadan map?

The truth is that I do not prefer the show in Ramadan, so I hope it is shown outside the holy month, as it is a huge work and there is a great effort expended on it, and I see that it will be focused by the viewer if it is shown outside the Ramadan marathon, especially since it is written very well, and Ramadan has special important rituals After Iftar, Tarawih prayers, and family visits, and the time is short to watch all the dramas, the drama does not take its right to show, watch, and evaluate, and therefore I see that the show outside Ramadan is much better, and suits me more.

And she concluded: “Currently, I am attending a drama about Upper Egypt for the next year, which confirms my keenness to present different types of roles. In TV dramas, I presented comedic roles, aristocratic ones, and the popular girl of the country. Deep in Upper Egypt, and we will start filming next year.

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