I suffered a lot from illness..the singer Hanan Madi is grieved by the death of her sister

Singer Hanan Madi revealed the departure of her sister Hana’s death, appealing to her fans to pray for her with mercy and forgiveness, and singer Hanan Madi wrote through her account on the social networking site “Facebook”: “My sister Hana met Karim’s face. I will dwell her in the gardens of bliss with the martyrs, God willing.” Hanan also wrote in another post: “I hope to pray for my sister that she is in estrangement, and comments came from her fans praying for her mercy and forgiveness.”

I suffered a lot from illness..the singer Hanan Madi is grieved by the death of her sister
Hanan Madi

The death of Hanan Madi’s sister

It is worth noting that Hanan Madi gave a concert within the activities of the Citadel Music Festival in its 31st session, which was held last August, and she presented a large number of her most famous songs, including Shadi Al-Dafayer, Night of Love, Ya Night Ya Ain, No Songs, Asfour Sing you, Bahr, and other beautiful songs.

Information about Hanan Madi

The singer Hanan Madi is considered one of the most famous singers of the nineties, and Hanan Madi was born in 1966, and she graduated from the Conservatory of the Higher Institute of Music, and Hanan Madi was famous for singing series sequences, so she presented sequences for works: Al-Wasiya, Al-Mal and Al-Bunun, The Story of Yesterday, and she also participated Singer Ali Al-Hajjar performed a successful lyrical duet during the sequences of the second meeting series, which bore the name Zey Al-Hayaa, then she resumed the experience with him again in the song “I Dream and Open My Eyes” in the series “Al-Mal and Al-Bunun”. Hanan Madi also surprised her followers by appearing in the hijab last April, while hosting the program people talk.

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