I was afraid to participate in the movie “The Atheist” because it would cause controversy

The topics of children’s problems and their education and the new challenges faced by parents in raising their children topped the trend list on search engines and social networking sites in Egypt because of the series “I do what”, after the second day of its presentation, as this work raised many important issues related to dealing with Fathers with sons. In this context, the heroine spoke Actress Sabrina In her interview with “Al Arabiya.net” about the reasons that led to the success of this series since its first episodes, and about its cooperation with the artists Khaled Al-Sawy and Bayoumi Fouad, she also touched on the movie “The Atheist”, which she confirmed would be a different work.

The series “I Do What” managed to achieve great success since its first episodes… What do you tell us about it?

I was pleased with the audience’s interaction with the series on social media, and this work discusses an important issue and provides awareness messages. Also, the entire work system encouraged success, since the beginning of the work and everything indicated that it would achieve great success, everyone was working with love. The presence of a great artist such as Khaled Al-Sawy, a capable director such as Ahmed Abdel Hamid, and a production company that did not skimp on work, are reasons that help the success of any work. I usually look at any work that presents me with a comprehensive view through the text and the work team, and this series has distinct elements in text, acting, directing and production.

Tell us about your work and your role in it

This series is classified as a “social comedy lite”, and it consists of several “talks”, where each “story” revolves for 3 days with a different family. The staff of the series is very nice, and Mr. Mohamed El-Hinawy wrote the story in a very nice way. The series is fun and 100% Egyptian, and its episodes discuss family problems and the crises they face. Perhaps what encouraged me most to participate in it is that its events are very similar to what happens inside Egyptian families.

We are still filming the remaining scenes from the work during the current period. During my work, I embody the role of a school principal and mother of four girls, with whom she faces many problems. Also, my husband in the series is the artist Khaled El-Sawy, who plays the role of an engineer on the Egyptian radio.

What do I do series poster

How did you find working with the artist Khaled El-Sawy?

In fact, I was excited for the third collaboration that brings me together with Khaled after they collaborated on the series “Umm Kulthum” 20 years ago, and “Layalina 80” 4 years ago. Cooperating with him is very interesting, he is from the school of spontaneity and has a way of “digesting talk” and speaking spontaneously. He is one of the “beautiful people” with whom you feel a special pleasure and ease of getting carried away with personality without making any effort. He is also a great, great, ten-year-old actor, with an extraordinary sense of comedy.

Are you interested in the 45-episode series, like your previous series, “The Dream”?

There are a number of considerations that govern the issue of the number of episodes in the drama, and I personally like the many episodes when the work is rich in events and characters, and each of them has an important and influential role in the events.

The 45-episode series is not long compared to the Turkish series, whose episodes reach 200, yet the audience is attached to it and follows it, because the decisive factor lies in the integration of the elements of the dramatic work.

What are the details of your role in the movie “The Atheist”? Were you afraid of participating in it?

I was afraid to participate in The movie “The Atheist” because it will cause controversy Which is “unexpected” for the viewer. A group of top stars, such as Hussein Fahmy, Mahmoud Hamida, Ahmed Hatem, Sherine Reda, Naglaa Badr and Tara Emad, participate in this work. Ibrahim Issa will present a work that I expect will impress the audience and provoke controversy at the same time. But for me, I was excited to share it because I’m going to be presenting “this formula” for the first time in my career. For his part, director Mando El-Adl made a great and good effort in the film because he is “a conscious director, who knows well between the lines”, and this is a very important thing. Although most of El-Sobky’s business is commercial, it is Sometimes he presents deep and heavy works. This is our second collaboration, because I collaborated with him for the first time in the movie “Water, Greenery, and a Good Face”.

Atheist movie poster

Atheist movie poster

How excited are you to present a second part of the series “The Dream” after director Hosni Saleh announced the start of preparations for it?

I am not thinking of participating in the second part because the character of Aida that I played ended at the end of the episodes, and I do not imagine that it will have an extension.

How do you choose your roles? And what role would you like to play?

I choose the role I “feel” and see myself as playing it, because I always like to play the role and not act it. I also choose the role that I feel I will be happy to play. And when the role “enters my heart”, then I am sure that it will enter the heart of the audience. I make sure to be honest and aware of every word that is said, even if it is in a comedy, because if I believe the work, people will believe it. And I was fortunate in all the roles that I did, which were offered to me. Finally, I hope to play the role that “will provoke me”.

From a serious character in the “atheist” to a comic character in the movie “Work Injury”, which you recently started shooting, what is behind these different choices?

I am currently being offered good roles in which I happily find myself as an actress. And the movie “Work Injury” kidnapped me and made me laugh while reading the script, and I found myself longing to know the rest of its events. It also includes a “cute” group of actors, including Amir Al-Masry, Amr Abdel-Jalil, Mayan Al-Sayed, Salah Abdullah and Bayoumi Fouad, and it is directed by Essam Nassar, and it is very distinguished. For me, I love comedies and look forward to focusing on them in the coming period.

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