“I will reduce it” Farouk Flux answers: Does he accept acting with the artist Muhammad

06:50 PM

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Books – Wael Tawfik:

The artist Farouk Flux praised the talent of the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, despite his talk about his embodiment of the character of “a scholar boy” in the movie “The Dancer and the Politician”.

The artist, Farouk Flux, said in exclusive statements to “Masrawy”: “He is a good actor, I recognize him as a good actor, but he has special and specific roles. To talk about me, because he is a different color, I can’t work in his works, I am much less than him because I can work in these works, he is a big man now, he takes more than 50 million, how do I work with him, I mean I will reduce him strong if I work With him, frankly, I mean, this is Muhammad Ramadan, who leads him? This is Number One.

He added: “He is a good actor, but he has certain limits, the roles he plays with the sword and the folded knife, and I am a number one and I am like this, and then he turned into a singer, not like that, but I’m left with my money and his money, there are actors we can talk about other than, we say Nour Al-Sharif and Mahmoud Abdel Al-Aziz, Yahya Al-Fakharani and Nelly Karim, there are great actors we are talking about.”

It is reported that the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, said during his meeting with the media, Najwa Ibrahim, on the “Al-Nahar” channel: “He was martyred in history. So she becomes pregnant from him, and he kills her and the one in her womb. This is a strong relative of his servant, his death. The idea is a look at our history.”

He added: “Senior stars and symbols of Egyptian art. In the beginning, they were forced to play roles in their beginnings. If I went back, I wouldn’t do it. The role of a boy is a scientist who worked as a big star in his beginnings. His work is compelled. I am a man at the beginning of my life looking for an opportunity.”

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