“I would have been kidnapped.” Hajar Al-Sharnoubi reveals that she was in a shocking situation with a driver

11:58 PM

Sunday 18 September 2022

I wrote – Manal El-Gioshy:

Actress Hajar Al-Sharnoubi revealed that she was almost subjected to a kidnapping attempt – according to what she mentioned in a post she shared on her official account on Facebook.

And she wrote: “Be mindful, people, because I was going to be kidnapped, I don’t know if he would kidnap me and kill me, or what?

But it looks ah, the whole story is that I asked Adam the bank to walk two streets on the sea in Alexandria, and I found him telling me that there was a driver who left him, and he said that the wheel behind him had a nail in it.

And she continued, “Of course, because I was holding the mobile and not focused, I didn’t think about it at all, and he was determined to take me with him to fix the wheel, and many attempts to go for five minutes, but fix the wheel as requested, of course I refused because I was in a hurry.”

And she added, “If I was not in a hurry, it was difficult for me and I went with him to buy the rubber, so he said, ‘Okay, give me your phone, I will make a transfer for the trip, and I will wait with you until the flight changes.’

And she continued, “He said, but your honor, you will think of me because I am the main captain and the flight is transferred from me, and the alternate captain will make the account zero, and he will say that the account in the two streets, which is not for two minutes, will pay a certain amount for a full trip.. The number is a double, meaning).

And she continued: “He said, and if you will charge me for the whole trip, you will pay this, which is double the double, here I am advised and told him, No, I am going to the place I reached, but only 25 pounds, and I actually took the money, all Alexandrians know that it is from San Stefano to spend the Mahrousa. He does not make this amount, and this What Sika doubted me about, that is why when I took a picture of the Arabic, but I could not imagine anything other than that he was greedy for money. I said, OK, it is not a large amount, as long as he is greedy for them. He accepts them. The important thing is that he took the money and got out. The wheel was intact, and the driver who praised God saw the nail as he entered. At the wheel was a person who was not present, and he didn’t stop with me until I rode with the second driver, and he said, sorry, you can come down because you don’t waste time, and he called me and got off.

From here it remained, thank God, I began to understand.”

And she added: “By God, people, he is not stupid, I mean, I was really tired, not sleeping, late, coming from a long travel rail, and really very urgent, otherwise I would have gone with him as he asked and he repaired the rubber because it was difficult for me and his senses a little and I cried, the important thing is I called the work service. They told me that the captain was the offspring of the trip because he was far from the point he was supposed to take me from, so when they were born, they automatically gave me another captain.

And she added: “I mean, now, in the company’s eyes, you would not have been with him in the first place. I mean, if he had completed me, kidnapped me and killed me.

He did not have an invitation because he met me because he did not start the trip and I was originally with him in Arabic, and he canceled the trip while I was with him in his car, on the grounds that he had left the area from which he was riding, you understand something, you see the planning

All he said, this is a dialogue, but he was not greedy for an extra 15 pounds, not all of this plan, because 15 pounds more, no, the captain wanted to kidnap me, thank God, God will cover.

Hajar concluded her speech by saying: “I want to tell you two things, make sure that the trip really started from you, you are from your phone, and you do not want to change your itinerary no matter what happens, and do not ride with a captain other than the captain in the picture, even if the same Arabic and the same numbers, because the one who rode with him was not. The one in the picture, I said a lot and did not use this application, and I had to write what happened in order to take care of you, and praise be to God, destiny and kindness, Omar Al-Shaqqi remained, and thank God he fell into his silence, because he is now taking his reward, and Lord, there is no need for something bad in another person.

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