Imbaba water station in Giza receives a delegation from the Coptic Orthodox Church

Engineer Mansour Badawy, head of the Giza Drinking Water and Sanitation Company, stressed the importance of fruitful cooperation between the company and the Coptic Orthodox Church in promoting and raising a culture of water awareness.

In this context, the Giza Drinking Water and Sanitation Company received a delegation from the Coptic Orthodox Church at the Imbaba water station, comprising the churches of Mary Gerges, Marina Morcos in the delegation, Anba Moussa, Anba Makar, and Prince Tadores in the Barajil area of ​​Giza.

The visit began with an introductory tour, during which they were introduced to the Imbaba water plant, the quantity of water produced, and the areas served by the station. The state is making a clean cup of water, and the importance of preserving every water point.

The visit included conducting competitions and interactive activities for church youth, accompanying the visiting delegation, and distributing publications carrying a number of awareness messages. These activities aimed to raise awareness of the importance of rationalizing water consumption and optimal use of sewage networks.

The visit also dealt with introducing the services provided by the company to citizens, such as water-saving units and their importance in rationalizing water consumption, the application of 125 and the hotline for receiving complaints, and the application of my reading to record the reading of water meters.

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