In a video .. an Egyptian young woman is crying out for “a famous hospital nurse who harassed me”

During the past hours, social networking sites in Egypt were buzzing with a video of a young woman crying out after being exposed harassed by a nurse Inside a famous hospital in Nasr City, she said.

And she said in the video clip that the nurse touched parts of her body after she underwent the appendix operation.

She also added that he was considered the person responsible for her condition after she finished the operation, and he was sitting with her in her private room to help her.

In addition, she confirmed that she did not receive any anesthetic injection 6 hours after the surgery, so she felt him touching a sensitive part of her body, in an attempt to harassed out.

Editing a report

The young woman added that she asked the hospital to replace him with a nurse, but her request was rejected, stressing that “the case was used as an indecent assault, and I knew how to defend myself.”

She also added that she immediately filed a complaint against the nurse, and he was arrested on January 7th. The next day, the Public Prosecution officers heard her statements, but he was later acquitted.

fear of killing

However, she revealed that she was then subjected to many pressures from the hospital nurses. And she concluded, “The nurse was coming to hold my hand while I was sleeping at night and say: Are you going down or not?”, pointing out that she was very afraid and felt that she could be killed, adding: “Seriously, this day of the incident was the worst day in my life, and the hospital I was in was this. You insulted me, and this boy insulted me. In the end, Bara’a emerged.”

It is noteworthy that the investigations of the Public Prosecution did not prove the nurse’s involvement in any harassment.

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