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In front of the Kaaba.. An Egyptian artist raises anger with a video via “Tik Tok”

During the past few hours, the artist Hala Rushdi Trend topped the search engine “Google” after a sharp wave she was exposed to by her followers through her personal account on the Instagram photo and video sharing site because of a video with her son in the Kaaba.

Rushdi appeared in the video, while she was filming with her son via the “Tik Tok” application, and commented on him, saying: “My love, Moez.. he sat for long hours and did not complain, and he used to go down every day to pray all the prayers and listen to the Qur’an and remembrance .. I said, I imagine with him how many pictures he took and played He was with him for a while.. And I imagined at that time our master, the Prophet, while he was playing with his grandchildren, Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein, and they were lying on his back while he was prostrating. The bosom of the sanctuary.

fierce attack

Hala Rushdi was subjected to a fierce attack by her followers because of this video, as some said to her: “You did not find a place other than the sanctuary in which you do this foolishness?? There is no piety to God sincerely?? It is even called the Sacred House of God.”

For her part, the Egyptian singer ignored all the attacks she was subjected to and announced the date of her next concert, which is scheduled to be held on Friday after the next.

Rushdi published a video through the stories feature on her personal account on “Instagram”, announcing her first concerts in the new year, and commented on the video: At the request of my beloved ones .. On Friday, January 13, my first concerts will be in 2023.

And she said in the video: “God willing, my concert will be at the Sawy Culture Wheel on January 13th, on Friday at 7 o’clock, and all people will be on vacation, and we will turn around and we will be happy, and send me the songs that you want to hear.”

Shayla his name

Rushdie had released her latest song, “Shayla His Name”, through her official YouTube channel and various music platforms, and promoted the song through her account on the “Instagram” website, and wrote: “May God bless all the good fathers and bless their lives.”

It is noteworthy that the singer Hala Rushdi’s latest work is her participation in the series “Maktoub Alia”, along with each of the stars Akram Hosni, Ayten Amer and Hanadi Muhanna, and his story revolved around Akram Hosni’s “Jingle”, who wakes up in the morning and finds words on his forehead that no one else can see, and from here Action events begin.

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