In Saudi Arabia .. Officially: Setting the dates for the Spanish Super Cup matches

Today, Friday, the Spanish Football Federation announced, in an official statement published on its website, the dates of the matches of the Spanish Super Cup for the year 2023, which will be held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after the end of the next World Cup and to be held from November 20 to December 18, next. Super Cup matches next January with the participation of 4 clubs.

4 clubs are participating in the Spanish Super Cup in the current version, namely Real Madrid, as the Spanish League champion, FC Barcelona as the runner-up for the Spanish League, Real Betis, the King of Spain’s Cup champion, and Valencia, as the runner-up for the King’s Cup.

Spanish Super Cup matches

And the Spanish Football Federation revealed in an official statement, that the first matches of the Spanish Super Cup will bring together Real Madrid and Valencia, and it will be on Wednesday, January 11, while Barcelona will face Real Betis Som on Thursday, the next day, corresponding to January 12, next, with the winner facing the winner in the first match. With the winner in the second match in the final match, while the loser will play in the first and second matches in the third and fourth place update on the fifteenth of next January.

Barcelona and Real Madrid

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s hosting of the Spanish Super Cup comes under an agreement between the Saudi Ministry of Sports and the Spanish Football Federation, as part of the activities of the Riyadh season, after a competition with the city of Jeddah.

Barcelona is the club with the most titles in the Spanish Super Cup, winning it 13 times, while Real Madrid comes in second place, with a difference of one championship with 12 championships. from the European Champions League.

Real Madrid had won the Spanish Super Cup in 2020, which was held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the royal returned to repeat the same title last year 2022.

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