Infrastructure officials at the World Bank: Egypt implemented the gas delivery project efficiently

Engineer Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, held two meetings, on the sidelines of participation in the Climate Summit COP 27 In Sharm El-Sheikh, the first meeting was with Ricardo Politi, Vice President of the World Bank for Infrastructure, and the second meeting with Paul Numba Ohm, Regional Director of Infrastructure Department in the Middle East and North Africa at the World Bank. The management of the Climate Summit agreed to include it in the summit’s activities for the first time. During the two meetings, a number of issues of joint cooperation were discussed, such as the national project to deliver natural gas to homes, projects to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency and other current and future areas of cooperation..

Al-Mulla stressed the ministry’s keenness to speed up the rates of implementation of the natural gas delivery project for homes and to increase the beneficiaries of that clean and safe civilized service at the same time, and that the World Bank has financed the delivery of 2.3 million housing units in the gas home delivery project starting in 2016, and we are working together to sign It was agreed to participate in a new phase of the project, and he also indicated keenness to implement various projects in all fields of the petroleum industry that would reduce carbon emissions, as well as rationalize consumption and improve energy efficiency. hydrogen production.

During the first meeting, Ricardo stressed the importance of tomorrow’s sessions in clarifying the energy sector’s initiatives towards reducing emissions from fossil fuels, and the initiative prepared by the East Mediterranean Gas Forum to decarbonize gas, which will be discussed in tomorrow’s sessions, and the Bank’s interest in financing such initiatives. Egypt achieved in the project to deliver natural gas to homes that serves its development goals and improves the living conditions of citizens, and it is very important as a civilized fuel that replaces butane, explaining that the bank is concerned with financing initiatives that serve the objectives of the seventh item of the Millennium Development Goals, which is to provide clean sustainable energy at a reasonable price..

In the second meeting, the Minister reviewed with Paul Nomba the areas of the Bank’s cooperation with Egypt in the fields of the oil and gas industry, the project to modernize and develop the sector, cooperation in the infrastructure for gas delivery, projects to improve energy efficiency and future opportunities for cooperation between the petroleum sector and the World Bank. The two sides agreed to form working teams to study and prepare opportunities Which the two sides can cooperate in implementing in the petroleum and mining sectors.

During the meeting, Paul Nomba expressed his happiness to be at the Climate Summit in Egypt and congratulated Egypt on the success of organizing and hosting the summit. He praised the existing cooperation between the petroleum sector and the World Bank, which is constantly being increased, and the fruitful cooperation in the successful civilizational project of delivering natural gas to homes. He also pointed out that the Bank The International Bank will announce an initiative under the name Hydrogen for Development, and the Bank will provide assistance and support for it and invite Egypt to join it.

The two meetings were attended by Eng. Alaa Hajar, Head of the Central Administration of the Technical Office, while the second meeting from the World Bank was attended by Robert Abu Gwaid, Director of Operations in Egypt, Djibouti, and Yemen, and Avuda Leon Biaoyu, Program Leader and Senior Energy Officer for Egypt, Djibouti, Yemen and Infrastructure in North Africa and the Middle East, and Demetrius Papathanasiou Director of Energy Global Practice at the Bank.

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