Instagram users are reporting an “embarrassing issue” that requires immediate fix

Users of the “Instagram” application, owned by Meta, have reported an annoying problem that caused “Stories” to be mysteriously unmute, according to RT.

You may have turned on mute, but as soon as you move on to the next story, the noise starts to appear, Digital Trends reports.

This is especially frustrating and embarrassing if you are in a quiet environment, such as a work desk, and the noise suddenly comes from your phone, and you end up making a fuss and attracting unwanted attention from others.

Instagram users have been in complete discontent over the past two days. They took to Twitter and other social platforms to report an issue that causes the Stories feature to not work properly, and the audio to play automatically on devices without user permission.

Normally, the audio is muted while viewing stories, and users have to tap the speaker icon to unmute. Stories feature doesn’t turn on audio by default in most apps.

One user on Twitter said: “Please tell me there is a bug with Instagram Stories automatically beeping and there is no way to mute the sound badly.”

Another user pleaded, “Please let me mute stories again. It’s really annoying and overstimulating.”

Another user noted: “I never watch stories with the audio on, so every time I try to watch stories it’s shocking and crap.”

Most disturbingly, there does not seem to be a suitable solution for it at the moment. The only solution is to manually lower the volume of your phone.

You can do this by holding down the lower volume button until it disappears completely.

This seems to be the only solution until Instagram releases an update to its app.

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