Intisar: I did not quit marriage, but there is no time… and our profession is difficult

The artist, Intisar, said that in her married life and after having her children, she did not decide to marry again because there was no time.

She added during the “A Final Word” program on the ON channel: I did not retire from men, but there is no time, as I am a working mother and a mother at home, especially since I will work in a difficult field and there is competition that sucks time and age because I am not just an employee, but in the morning I go and come back.

And she continued: I work 24 hours, even when I am at home, in a competitive situation, all the time, even at home, we follow the skillset and other things.

And in response to Al-Hadidi’s question: Does the man suck time? She said: All the time, it is not just a personal experience, because after marriage, the woman turns to the man’s mother and wants to stay at home with the eldest son after his birth. Therefore, she will not be surprised if she has a husband like her eldest son.

She pointed out that she has a high sense of motherhood like any woman who has given birth, but at the same time working in the field of art is difficult because with the passage of time the woman will discover that she has no time even to be a mother for herself, explaining that the reasons for her divorce are due to ordinary differences, saying: Concord is from Our Lord, no one is a guarantor, because harmony and friendship is like the secret between the two. Suddenly, after calm, reconciliation can end. Marriage is written, and divorce, by its consent, is written on dates.

And about the most important qualities that she cannot accept in any man, she said: Miserliness, lying and betrayal are in the first place, because it is not only miserliness of money, but also feelings. And I am not losing anything about it.” In response to Al-Hadidi’s question: After all these years, there is no other man, she said: Our profession is very difficult, but unfortunately it seems to people the most trivial thing in it.

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