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Is the use of nutmeg in food forbidden?.. Dar Al Iftaa answers.. Video

“Is the use of nutmeg in food forbidden?” This question was mentioned, during a live broadcast conducted by the Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa, on its official page on the social networking site “Facebook”, and the question was answered during the live broadcast by Dr. Muhammad Wissam, Secretary General of the Fatwa And a member of the Higher Advisory Board for Training and Research at the Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa.

In his answer to the question, Wissam said: “It is not forbidden, but it is forbidden if it is eaten in abundance that leads to absent-mindedness or leads to what leads to intoxication or intoxication.”

In detailing the fatwa, the Egyptian Dar Al-Iftaa answered, on its Facebook page, earlier, a question: “What is the ruling on trading in Nutmeg?”, saying: “Nutmeg: semi-spherical fruits, and its trees are high pyramidal, and it is a gentle stimulant that helps expel gases from the stomach, and it has a narcotic effect if taken in large quantities, and leads to poisoning if taken in excessive quantities, and it has a pleasant smell and taste that tends to be bitter. , dry, aromatic peels, and a yellowish fat is extracted from them, known as perfume oil, containing about 4% of a narcotic substance known as myristicin, and the rest are glycerides of a number of fatty acids, including: savory acid, stearic acid, and palmitic acid. It is added to sweets and some food items, and it is also used in soap. Nutmeg has many uses in treating some diseases, and it is also used to flavor food and drink.

And Dar Al Iftaa continued: “The jurists agreed that it is forbidden to eat it and eat it in large quantities that lead to intoxication, and a group of imams permitted the small use of it that does not lead to narcolepsy or intoxication. Imam Al-Ramli Al-Shafi’i said in his “Fatwas” (4/71) when he was asked about the ruling on eating it He replied:[نعم يجوز إن كان قليلًا، ويحرم إن كان كثيرًا] 1 AH, and the scholar Al-Hattab Al-Maliki said in “Mawahib Al-Jalil” (1/90, ed. Dar Al-Fikr): [قال البرزلي: أجاز بعض أئمتنا أكل القليل من جوزة الطيب لتسخين الدماغ، واشترط بعضهم أن تختلط مع الأدوية, والصواب العموم] Ah, and based on that: there is nothing wrong with trading in nutmeg according to the controls established in the principles of trade and adopted by the local and international food and health organizations, as whoever buys it often uses it in the permissible manner, and whoever uses it in the forbidden manner, the prohibition is for him alone; Because sanctity unless it is necessary to be solved.

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