It ended.. Ghazl El Mahalla 2 – 1 Zamalek in the Egyptian League

The Zamalek team is preparing for a strong confrontation that brings it together with the Ghazl El Mahalla team in the fifteenth round of the Egyptian League Championship, which will be held at five in the evening, Cairo local time.

The events of the Ghazl El Mahalla match against Zamalek in the Egyptian League

Koura Plus TV and website presents a live broadcast of the events of the Ghazl El Mahalla match against Zamalek in the Egyptian League.

The beginning of the match.

D2.. A missile shot by Ahmed Mustafa Zizou, but it passes near the right post.

D4.. Uruk scores the first goal for Ghazl El Mahalla Club against Zamalek, after being alone in the goal of Mohamed Awad.

D19.. Ahmed Al-Nadri scores the second goal for Ghazl Al-Mahalla Club against Zamalek, after a distinguished feat by Ahmed Al-Sheikh.

D31..A missile shot by Imam Ashour, but Ahmed Mihoub blocked it brilliantly.

D36.. Mustafa Al-Zanari exited and Nabil Emad Dunga entered.

D45 + 1 .. Mustafa Shalaby scored the first goal for Zamalek club, but it was canceled due to offside.

The end of the first half, with Ghazl El Mahalla advancing against Zamalek with two free goals.

beginning of the second half

D62 .. Ahmed Mustafa Zizou reduces the score with the first goal from a penalty kick.

D72.. A missile shot by Youssef Osama Nabih, but Ahmed Mihoub shines.

D76.. A cross from Ahmed Mustafa Zizou reaches Saif Al-Jaziri, but he misses it in a strange way.

D83.. A shot by Samson Akinola, but it collides with the defense of Ghazl El Mahalla.

The match ended with Ghazl El Mahalla winning against Zamalek with two goals to one.

The position of Zamalek and Ghazl El Mahalla in the Egyptian league table

Zamalek club enters the match with its eyes on the three points, as it ranks fifth with 26 points, which they collected by winning 7 confrontations, drawing in five, and receiving two defeats, the last of which was at the hands of Al-Ahly club in the summit match.

On the other hand, the Al-Mahalla team, led by Abdul-Baqi Jamal, seeks to seize the three points in order to maintain its good performance in the previous period, as it ranks seventh with 22 points, collecting them by winning 6 confrontations, drawing in four and receiving 4 defeats.

The expected formation of Zamalek to face Ghazl El Mahalla in the Egyptian League

Goalkeeper: Mohamed Awad.

Defense line: Mustafa Al-Zanari – Muhammad Abdel-Ghani – Hossam Abdel-Majid.

Midfield: Omar Jaber – Muhammad Ashraf “Ruqa” – Imam Ashour – Sayed Abdullah “Neymar”.

Offensive line: Ahmed Mustafa “Zizou” – Saif Al-Jaziri – Mustafa Shalabi.

On the bench are Mohamed Sobhi, Mohamed Abdel Shafi, Mohamed Tariq, Hatem Sukkar, Amr El-Sisi, Nabil Imad Donga, Seif Jaafar, Youssef Osama Nabih and Samson Akinola.

The formation of Ghazl El Mahalla against Zamalek in the Egyptian League

Goalkeeper: Ahmed Mihoub

Defense line: Muhammad Bazooka – Mustafa Al-Ash – Moaz Al-Hanawi.

Midfield: Mahmoud Alaa – Muhammad Jaber – Hamid Mao – Ahmed Al Nadri – Karim Mustafa.

Offensive line: Gabriel Orc – Ahmed Al-Sheikh.

Amr Shaaban, Khaled Al-Akhmimy, Ibrahim Kone, Ahmed Hani, Abdo Yahya, Muhammad Nabih, Musafi Osama, Ahmed Reda and Hazem Morsi are on the bench.

Watch the Ghazl El Mahalla match against Zamalek, broadcast live

The coach warned the players of the difficulty of the meeting, and stressed the need to take advantage of the opportunities that will be given to them in order to achieve victory and collect the three points, and Ferreira called on the players to close the spaces in front of the players of the opposing team.

Mahmoud Abdel-Razek “Shikabala” is absent from Zamalek due to his illness, Mahmoud Hamdi Al-Wensh, Ibrahima Nday and Hamza Al-Mathlouthi due to injury, and Ahmed Fattouh and Abdullah Jumaa due to lack of readiness.

Zamalek will play the match with a list that includes Muhammad Awad, Muhammad Sobhi, Muhammad Nadim, Omar Jaber, Muhammad Abdel-Ghani, Mustafa Al-Zanari, Hossam Abdel-Majid, Muhammad Tariq, Muhammad Abdel-Shafi, Hatem Sukkar, Muhammad Ashraf “Rouqa”, Amr Al-Sisi, Nabil Imad Dunga, Imam Ashour and Sayed Abdullah. Neymar”, Saif Jaafar, Ahmed Mustafa “Zizou”, Mustafa Shalaby, Samson Akinola, Saif Al-Din Al-Jaziri and Youssef Osama Nabih.

On the other hand, Ghazl Al-Mahalla, led by Abdel-Baqi Jamal, seeks to achieve a positive result in today’s match in order to continue competing for an advanced position in the current season, in light of the good performances presented by the team in the current period.

The coach warned the players of the difficulty of the match, especially since the opponents are a strong team and are looking forward to getting out of their misfortune that they have been going through in the recent period, and they will play the match fiercely.

The date of the Ghazl El Mahalla match against Zamalek in the Egyptian League

The match between Zamalek and Ghazl El Mahalla will start at 5:00 pm Cairo time in the fifteenth round of the Premier League this season, as Zamalek is looking to regain its victories again, after the recent loss to Al-Ahly by 3 goals, at the top of the Premier League this season.

He is absent from the Zamalek list against Ghazl El Mahalla, Mahmoud Abdel Razek Shikabala, due to a health ailment, as well as Hamza Mathlouthi due to injury, as well as Ibrahima Nadaye, Mahmoud Hamdi Al-Wensh, Ahmed Fattouh and Abdullah Jumaa, due to lack of readiness.

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