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It ended with a horrific murder.. A video of a young man dressed in women’s clothing shakes Egypt

A group of people kidnapped a young man, stripped him of his clothes, and dressed him in a women’s nightgown, then dragged him in the streets and severely beat him.

The Egyptian prosecution opened an investigation into the horrific crime, which showed that the crime was a literal imitation of a scene that appeared in a series shown years ago by actor Mohamed Ramadan, which sparked a state of anger in the communication networks.

The story, according to what was proven by the Egyptian police investigations and what it monitored from eyewitnesses, is that a group carrying firearms and white weapons arrived at a cafe in the village of Bahout, which is affiliated with the Nabrouh district in the Dakahlia governorate, and they grabbed one of the young men sitting in the cafe and beat him extensively, and terrified those who tried to defend him.

The defendants shot another young man who tried to pursue them, seriously injuring him, after which he was transferred to the hospital, while the defendants fled after they kidnapped him, then stripped him of his clothes, dressed him in a women’s nightgown, and roamed him in the streets, and they photographed the incident and published it on social media.

Security investigations revealed that the defendants committed that crime to discipline the kidnapped young man, because he proposed to one of the girls in their family and they refused him, but he tried to communicate with her again.

The police arrested the 6 defendants who participated in the commission of the crime, and they were in possession of the used weapons. They confessed to committing the incident and were referred to the Public Prosecution for investigation.

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