It happened at night| The Ukrainian President was injured in an accident.. The punishment of the authorized person is correct

Yesterday night, until the early hours of Thursday morning, witnessed many important events at the local and international levels, the most prominent of which were:

The captain of the authorized officials reveals the punishment of the authorized person in the incident of the marriage of the blogger, Ahmed Ibrahim

Sheikh Islam Amer, the head of the Ma’zoun Syndicate, commented on the fact that the marriage certificate book was given to the wife of the blogger Ahmed Ibrahim, who held her marriage by herself.

Ukrainian President injured in a traffic accident

Today, Thursday, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky was injured in a traffic accident, where a car collided with Zelensky’s car and his companion.

Inheritance of blood.. A woman sets out to kill her two cousins ​​with a “cutter” in the pyramid

A woman proceeded to kill her cousin and sister with a white weapon in the Haram area, west of Giza.

“Indeed, it is obscene” .. The arrest of Saudis lured another and assaulted him under duress

Today, Wednesday, the Saudi authorities arrested two Saudi citizens on charges of committing “an act of obscenity to another person under duress” in the capital, Riyadh.

Sweden’s Prime Minister acknowledges the victory of the right and the far right and resigns

Sweden’s Prime Minister Andersen has admitted the right-wing opposition coalition won the weekend’s general election. Meanwhile, the Social Democratic politician announced that she would submit her resignation tomorrow.

The moment a baby girl was pulled out from the rubble of the Lloydda estate in Jordan

Rescue teams in Jordan succeeded on Wednesday evening, more than 30 hours after a property collapsed in the Jordanian capital, Amman, in rescuing a baby girl from under the rubble.

US Senate committee approves direct military aid to Taiwan

The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved, during a session Wednesday evening, a bill to enhance direct military assistance to Taiwan, Reuters news agency reported.

“She represents me and every Lebanese.” Artists support Sally Hafez after she stormed a bank in Lebanon

A number of artists announced their support for Sally Hafez’s position by storming the “Blom Bank” bank in the Sodeco area, near the headquarters of the French embassy in Beirut, to demand her money by force.

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