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It happened in Egypt.. this is how the 14-year-old saved a girl from electrocution

In a heroic scene in an Egyptian village, a 14-year-old student rescued a girl who almost died from electrocution from a light pole that had a short circuit as a result of the bad weather that the country witnessed last week, without being harmed with it.

Courage and quick wit

The incident that preoccupied the pioneers of social networking sites in Egypt, took place in the village of Bani Madi, affiliated to the Biba Center, south of Beni Suef Governorate, specifically last Wednesday, the morning of the bad weather and heavy rain that the governorate witnessed, and was documented by the street camera in the clip that spread widely and received great interaction. .

The video clip showed the bravery and quick-wittedness of the student in rescuing the girl from certain death she was subjected to when she was electrocuted from one of the light poles.

The hero of the incident, Salah El-Din Khader Ahmed Ibrahim, a third-grade student in Al-Azhari middle school in his village, said in statements to a local newspaper, that at the time of the incident he was heading to a store, and he was surprised by the daughter of his neighbors, Mona, who is a student in the fourth grade, who was electrocuted by the electricity pole, so he thought quickly. To pull her from her clothes to keep her away from the pole.

teacher advice

Khader said: “My thinking was quick for a moment, and during this situation I remembered the words of the science teacher, who previously explained to us how to rescue a person who was electrocuted, as he warned us against direct contact with a person who has been touched or electrocuted, or approaching the water near him so that we do not get caught. From him, and we learned from him that he can be rescued with a piece of wood or plastic, or from his cloth clothes and not to touch any metal with his clothes.”

For his part, the student’s father, who works in a supermarket, praised his son’s heroic stance, wishing to speed up the completion of the building of the health unit in the village to work at full capacity in treating patients and saving the injured, as well as reviewing the lighting poles in the villages, especially before the winter season, which caused the death of more than one case during Over the past years, he pleaded with everyone to be brave when they saw someone being hurt.

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